Journey to Becoming Your Own Boss
Elise Darma
Welcome to my brand new video course called 
Journey to Becoming Your Own Boss

The goal of this free mini course is simple: to help you easily craft your actionable plan to run your own business full-time – as fast as possible.

Journey to Becoming Your Own Boss is perfect for 9-5ers in the marketing, communications, media or PR industries who feel stuck and want to leave the office once and for all.

And for bloggers or social media influencers who are looking to turn their online work into a thriving, full-time business.
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Journey To Become Your Own Boss includes over 1 hour of free training. 
It'll be available just until August 11th. Here's a taste of what you can expect:
Video 1: The Big Picture
Video 2: Where You Fit In
Video 3: Your Roadmap
Video 4: Moving Forward
Get the roadmap on becoming your own boss from someone who's been doing it full-time for the past 4 years.
Elise Darma

I'm Elise Darma, and I'm the founder of – a marketing agency for e-commerce brands.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve made a full-time income by delivering marketing services to clients, which has allowed me to travel the world and work remotely for over 300 days.

With a special focus on Instagram marketing over the years, I've grown personal and client accounts to a cumulative 250,000+ followers.

I've been featured by, The Everygirl, and in the InstagramHer Summit.

"Elisa Darma was incredibly helpful in getting me started with my consulting business

Instead of aiming to be a full-time travel blogger, I instead became a traveling entrepreneur."

- Christina Galbato
The Bold Brunette
Christina Galbato

"Before discovering Elise, I did not have the clarity on how to translate my skills into a freelance business. 

But as soon as I established what services to offer, I already started getting (paid) clients - even before my online presence was fully set up."

- Juliana Magalhaes
The Expat Lounge
Juliana Magalhaes
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